Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beezag and Swagbucks Updates

A year ago I was utilizing around 6 different money making websites. Of those, I am still using 3: Mypoints, Beezag and Swagbucks. I've actually been a member of Mypoints since 1/14/2004 - but that is a discussion for another post. :) 


This past summer I used the Amazon gift cards I had earned through Swagbucks, MyPoints and a couple other sites, along with some of my graduation money to purchase a new computer and a new monitor. I needed the new monitor for a summer job processing insurance forms, and well, the new computer was a nice upgrade. (My previous computer was 4 years old, and the monitor was 7+ years old.) Since then I have used the Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks and MyPoints to purchase books for my school's library.

Just by doing my normal searching using the Swagbucks toolbar and remembering to do the daily points about half the time, I have been able to redeem 1 - 2 Amazon gift cards almost every month. I ordered my December one about a week ago, and am close to being able to order another one. (Previously I was much more consistent with the daily points and checking for videos, plus I was doing some offers - so I earned quite a few more cards each month.)

Swagbucks now has several more ways that you can earn points, such as the video rewards (which are similar to Beezag,) and the games.


As you can see from the screenshot of Paypal payments, after July I wasn't quite as active with Beezag. However, I have recently cashed out for my next payment, and am 1/4th of the way towards another cash out. Beezag is really quite easy to do - all you have to do is watch short videos and then enter the numbers that flash across the screen. Different videos are worth different amounts of points, and some are also eligible to enter you into drawing for gift cards.

Using the different reward sites really does not take very much time, and can net you some extra cash which you would not have otherwise. To see previous posts on Beezag or Swagbucks, see my Money Maker topic. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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